Melbourne Architectural Signage Studio (MASS) is the expert signage design business of Univers.

MASS is your best option if you’re looking to work with expert sign designers who:

We believe that signage should support architecture to enrich people’s spatial experiences.

To make this possible we developed a different approach to signage projects.



Conceptual Design

Expert sign designers lead projects from conception to post-installation.

Underdone by sign makers, or initiated by a generalist graphic designer.


Simple, straightforward strategy to help people understand spaces, which respects the role of architects and the intelligence of users.

A wayfinding consultant telling you the architecture is all wrong, and can only be fixed with a scientific review and a raft of new sign drawings.


Great relationships with an outstanding group of specialists, selected for their suitability to each project. On-going review of progress and produced items.

Limited by capacity, or lack of good management; keeping non-expert skills in-house; trying to appear that all work is in-house.


Complete signage project services including design, documentation, fabrication and installation – there is no need to tender design and production separately for small projects.

Adding a layer of cost and management by tendering design and production separately, for relatively small contract sums, in a field which you may lack knowledge of.


Careful, enduring and highly considered design, craftsmanship and attentiveness at an appropriate price.

Low value outcomes due to selection based on the biggest design promise or lowest production price.


Ideal for one-off medium to large projects, and small-scale repeat works.

Trying to do everything for everyone.


We are responsible for signage throughout the project, and will do everything we can to ensure signage is made and installed to an excellent standard.

The designer claims the fabricator was wrong, the fabricator says it was the sub-contractor, the sub-contractor says it was the installer, the installer says it was the designer.

What We Do

All our planning, design, and project management work is completed from our Melbourne studio.

We offer full-service design to installed completion of all kinds of signage. We have great, long term relationships with a range of sign printers, fabricators, installers and other trades who we partner with to deliver finished signs of the highest standard. For larger projects with dedicated project managers we can also work with you to provide architectural wayfinding signage strategy, design and documentation in a consultancy only capacity.

Contact us to discuss how we could work together.