Probably the best free social distancing signs, just download & print

We’ve designed a set of signs for your business to use for managing customer traffic in your post-Covid-19 re-opening. These signs are completely free to download, print out and use.

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With cafes, restaurants, bars and food courts now reopening in Victoria and throughout Australia, it’s important to make sure people at these venues keep a safe distance, including adjusting entry/exit, queuing and ordering behaviour.

We found other downloadable, printable, free resources online but, let’s be frank, all the free ones are pretty bad. These are uncertain times, which makes it even more important to maintain a sense of care and quality about your brand and customer experience, and beautiful signs are central to that.

If there's any other social distancing signs for retail or hospitality that you would like to see added to this set, just let us know. Also, if you would like to purchase high quality poster prints or floor stickers of these designs, or if you would like to engage MASS to design and make signs specifically for your brand, we're here for you.

The files to download

1.5m Apart Distancing


Please Stand Here


Maximum 20 patrons


Safety shield in use


Santizing Station


All signs in one file