Galkangu GovHub

For Regional Development Victoria, Bendigo

About This Project

Galkangu – Bendigo GovHub stands as a testament to regional development, job creation, and enhanced public services in the heart of Bendigo.

Conceived as a state-of-the-art community asset and workplace, Galkangu GovHub provides Bendigo with a single point of access for government services. The building also serves to accommodate City of Greater Bendigo and other regional Victorian Government agencies on the upper levels of the building, with an aim of fostering collaboration and efficiency between departments.

As part of our engagement, MASS carefully considered the circulation and wayfinding experience for all building users. This encompassed the visitor experience in the public-facing Customer Service Centre on the ground floor and tenanted office levels above. The signage system developed was comprehensive to the entire building; serving to create a sense of continuity, and familiarity across all spaces.

The signage design embodies an understated expression, echoing the existing forms, materiality and palette of Lyons’ design response to achieve a tightly integrated outcome. Signage seamlessly integrates throughout the building, adapting across different spaces to provide a cohesive, unified solution that commands attention when required, but never appears out of place.

  • Architecture: Lyons
  • Photography: A1.S
  • Team: Andrew Ireland, Dean Jacobson