Campus Wayfinding + Brand Signage

For Haileybury, Australia

About This Project

Haileybury is Australia’s largest independent school, with four campuses in greater Melbourne, one in Darwin and one in China. Haileybury has been acclaimed as one of Australia’s best schools, with multiple awards from the Australian Education Awards (including Australian School of the Year).

Our relationship with the school began with their City Campus project (Victoria's first K to 12 vertical school), where we provided wayfinding signage, and extensive glazing graphics to enliven learning spaces and support the Haileybury brand. On the basis of these contributions, MASS was appointed to develop a comprehensive wayfinding strategy and signage guidelines that could be implemented across all Haileybury campuses.

Much of this work involved signage audits of existing campus signage, and attentive collaboration with a wide-array of stakeholders across different campuses as we assessed and updated signage on a campus-by-campus basis. The signage guidelines were refined throughout the process to incorporate learnings and signage additions over time, empowering Haileybury with a standardised set of guidelines they could use for future building projects.

  • Photography: Albert Comper Photography
  • Team: Andrew Ireland, Dean Jacobson, Joe Bland, Tim Rob Don Dow