Office Accommodation Building

For Parliament of Victoria

About This Project

Built in several stages from 1856 onwards, Parliament House is one of Melbourne's most significant public buildings.

The newly constructed annexe building was built to address a long-standing lack of appropriate accommodation for MPs and their staff. Conceived as a companion building to Parliament House, it includes a landscaped roof garden and a perimeter courtyard design that merges with the surrounding area by being partially sunken — maintaining key views when looking out from Parliament House. The annexe has received wide acclaim since its completion in August 2018.

Under direction of Peter Elliott Architecture + Urban Design's architectural vision, we designed and facilitated a bespoke signage + wayfinding system that was visually sensitive to the annexe, and the wider Parliamentary precinct generally.

  • Architecture: Peter Elliott Architecture + Urban Design
  • Photography: Albert Comper Photography
  • Team: Andrew Ireland, Dean Jacobson, Joe Bland

Although both signage and architecture are physical in form, they differ in essence. Architecture is experienced through our senses, while communication and wayfinding are mental processes. Integrating signage into a space requires balancing these differences, and ensuring signs are strong enough to complement the architecture without overpowering it. The key to achieving great results is to carefully consider how signage suits each individual space, complementing architecture in a balanced way to form a cohesive whole.

"Great wayfinding considers context" — MASS

Statutory signage shouldn't be an afterthought. Our approach to project signage at MASS prioritises a comprehensive and holistic approach, with careful attention to the visual impact of all signage within a space.

"All signage contributes to the identity of a space" — MASS